Fiber optic cable machine wise process

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FBR cables would like you to help further develop your knowledge in fiber optics. Communication networks currently rely on fiber optic cables. Whether you produce cables for FTTX, wireless networks or local area networks, cable quality and production reliability are key to your success. Accordingly, we also organize various seminars and trainingsto support our customers and better understanding.

FBR cables had chosen all the machines from Austria. A brief descriptionis as follows:

Fiber optic cable secondary coating line;

The secondary coating machine produces the loose tubes of the fiber optic cables. The Secondary coating for fiber optic cables is the most important machine in the production of fiber optic cables. As the quality of loose tube defines the final properties of the fiber optic cable, so it is very important to have a good machine.

Fiber optic cable SZ stranding line

The SZ stranding machines for the stranding the loose tubes in SZ directions. The SZ stranding defines the mechanical and environmental properties of your loose tube fiber optic cable, you need technology that you can rely on. SZ stranding technology is not only reliable, but it helps to produce flexible and durable cables for use in various applications, and it also must meets all the required standard requirements.

Fiber optic cable sheatimg lines

The Sheathing line machine is to produce the fiber optic cable jacketing in single/double layers. The sheathing process is to apply the final touch to the loose tube fiber optic SZ stranding cable.  Mechanical properties for different cable types are set with armoring and strength members. The extrusion technology offers you the ability to utilize a large variety of plastic materials to produce high-quality jacketing